Dynamical Systems Seminar

-- Spring 2018 --

There are various kinds of dynamical systems: discrete maps, smooth, finite dimensional, ordinary differential equations, and infinite dimensional systems such as partial, functional or stochastic differential equations. This seminar is intended as a continuation of the course "Introduction to dynamical systems" and focuses on the second part, dynamical systems generated by differential equations. Participation is open for bachelor, master and PhD students and will cover a multitude of advanced dynamical systems topics with various levels of difficulty.

March 5 Hermen Jan "Stability analysis"
March 12 Willem "Normal forms"
March 19 Guanyu "Basics of traveling waves"
March 26 Mia "The implicit function theorem and Lyapunov-Schmidt reduction"
April 2 (easter)
April 9 David gradient systems and Lyapunov functions
April 16 (free week)
April 23 Delion bifurcations
April 30 Esma center manifold theorem for ODEs
May 7 Babette center manifold theorem for PDEs
May 14 Paul singular perturbations
May 21 (pinksteren)
May 28 tba

Every participant chooses a topic to present and prepares a 2x45 min talk accompanied by a handout (1-2 A4 pages) for the audience. During the preparation of the preparation, the student will be advised and pointed to appropriate sources of literature. Overall, active participation through questions and comments is expected throughout the semester.