Topics in Algebraic Geometry, Spring 2016

Teacher: Bas Edixhoven.

Time: Wednesdays, 11:00--11:45 (talk 1), 12:00--12:45 (talk 2), 13:00--13:40 (discussion/problem session).

Place: room 401, Snellius.

All students writing their master theses in the Spring of 2016 in the area of algebra, geometry and number theory, or planning to start doing so in the near future, are advised to participate.

About half of the course will take place in the form of a seminar, where those who wish to obtain credit points will give lectures.

The rules for obtaining 6 EC for this seminar are as follows:

The grade will be Pass/Fail, which does not affect the weighted average of your grades.

Up to now, the following students have expressed their interest in this course:

Given the interest of these participants, the following topics will be on the program:

February 4. First meeting (this was on Thursday; we decided to move to Wednesday).

February 10.

February 17.

February 24. We had a guest: Rico Apon. Arthur Bik stopped.

March 2. Job will not be there. Nikitas could not reach Leiden because of train problems. We did exercises from 11 until 12, and a bit of discussion after 13:00.

March 16.

March 30. Luca and Franco are in Orsay.

April 13.

April 20.

May 4.

May 11.

May 18.

May 25. Note that we start at 14:00, and we are then in room 408.

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