Inleiding Statistiek
Introduction to Statistics

Teaching assistant Alessio Trojani, student assistant Rick Vooys.
Lectures/practicals: Tuesdays 9:00--10:45, Sn 412, Fridays 11:15--13:00, Sn 312

Lectures will be on Fridays; and the practicals (both computer and theoretical exercises) on Tuesdays.

The first practical had to be cancelled because of illness. Instead I gave the following extremely important assignment:
HOMEWORK: install the statistical environment R on your laptop/computer at home or find it on the institute's computer systems. Run through a simple "getting started" tutorial to get a bit familiar with its quirky style.
You can find R at

LECTURES: Here are some slides which I wrote after giving the first two lectures:
These slides give a mathematical summary (sorry, I am a mathematician, and many of you, the students, are learning to be mathematicians) of some basic notations from the beginning of the course: what is a statistical model, what is data, what is a parameter, what is a statistic, and what is an estimator.
If you are an astronomer or physicist I have to say: it is an important part of your education to learn how mathematicians talk and think. They know stuff which you need to use from time to time. I realise that for you a completely different set of introductory slides would be needed.
Actually whether you are a serious mathematician, physicist or astronomer, you won't appreciate just being told formal definitions without being given motivation, examples, references, history, ... To you all I simply say: READ THE BOOK. My notes is a mathematician's summary of the purely mathematical side.

R HOMEWORK tips, information:
A google search on "R tutorial" gives you plenty to choose from. I came across the following, it looks good, especially the title:
A Quick, Painless Tutorial and Reference on the R Statistical Package

On Blackboard you hopely will soon again be able to find an outline of the course as given last year (Inleiding Statistiek: W-IS-0809FWN). We will follow this outline, and fill our own new blackboard page with it as we go along (INLEIDING STATISTIEK: WIS-IS-0910FWN). The course will concentrate on chapters 8, 9, 10 and 11 of the book by John Rice. Make sure you have it and remind yourself again of the probability background! We will use R instead of matlab. Sorry that you have to learn something new, but it is very similar and much more suitable for our purposes. See it as an investment for later.

Last year's blackboard site:


Email me to get the URL, take a look to check that I have everything OK (your name, email address, student number, plus some further info)

De eerste opgave van dit jaar is, om de eerste opgave van vorig jaar te doen maar dan met behulp van R ipv matlab!
Hierbij, links aan twee documenten:
1) de opgave van vorig jaar IST_prac1_0809.pdf
2) spiekbrief, alleen voor mensen die hopeloos vast komen te zitten:
mijn (RDG) eigen persoonlijk snelle poging om de regels matlab in de opgave om te zetten in R ist_script.R
Uiterlijk inleverdatum (eerder is ook welkom!): praktikum IST, dinsdag 29 september
Uiteraard kan je bij het praktikum IST op 22 september vragen stellen enzovoorts...