Mastermath Algebraic Geometry, Autumn 2016

Final grades here.

Retake grades here.

Teachers: Robin de Jong, David Holmes.

Teaching assistants: Garnet Akeyr, Yan Zhao, Qijun Yan. Can be reached at mastermath.alggeom.2016 (at)

Students are expected to attend the intensive course on categories and modules at the start of the semester.

Grades for the first homework are here. Grades are out of 20.

The course will be held on Tuesdays at the VU. The room is currently given as WN-C121, but this may well change as the lecture approaches, so please check the linked mastermath page for latest update. The lecture will last from 14:00-15:45, then there will be a problem session from 16:00-16:45. Check here for more details, and possible updates.

See the mastermath page here for more administrative information, including prerequisites.

Lecture notes for the course are now available here. Lectures 9 and 10 will be combined into one for time reasons. An erratum for page 44 is here - note the removal of the word `density' in the definition of the local ring.

Homework and assessment

There will be weekly exercises, which will not be handed in. There will be problem sessions during which the exercises will be discussed (as described above). There will also be two take home assignments during the semester. There will also be a final written exam. For the final grade, the take home assignments count for 40%, and the written exam for 60%.

First homework assignment is here. Due in on 1 November.

Second homework assignment is here. Due in on 13 December at the start of the lecture. Grades are here.

For the final exam, we expect that you know and understand: (i) ALL definitions and basic results and constructions, (ii) enough examples and counterexamples, (iii) short proofs and short arguments, as discussed during the lectures and the exercise sessions. The (shorter) exercises at the end of each Lecture are a good indication of the questions that may be asked. The exam covers the material from Lectures 1--13, but excluding Lecture 10. The exam takes 3 hours, and literature may NOT be used at the exam. You may quote results from the Lectures without proof in the exam. If you wish to use results from the exercises then you are expected to re-prove them in the exam.

The exams from last year are here and here.

Timetable: the dates of the lectures (and thus problem sessions) are as follows:
Sep 20 - RdJ
Sep 27 - RdJ
Oct 4 - RdJ
Oct 11 - DH solution to question 3.6.5 available here
Oct 18 - DH
Oct 25 - no lecture
Nov 1 - DH solution to question 5.4.6 available here
Nov 8 - DH
Nov 15 - RdJ In Definition 8.2.13 of the syllabus one really wants X to be a smooth and irreducible curve, not just an irreducible curve. The text has been changed accordingly, here and at a few later places in Sections 8.2 and 8.3. See here for a new version of pages 57--58.
Nov 22 -DH Only chapter 9 and section 10.1 of chapter 10 (+ all exercises from chapter 9, and the first exercise of chapter 10)
Nov 29 -DH See here for examples Here are some extra notes for exercises 11.3.4 and 12.4.4.
Dec 6 -RdJ
Dec 13 -RdJ
Dec 20 -RdJ