NDNS+ PhD days: 6th and 7th of May 2019


  • 09-03-2019: Registration form online
  • 09-03-2019: Website launched

Background information

To foster future collaboration between graduate students in the field of mathematical analysis and dynamics we organise a two day meeting on the 6th and 7th of May. Each participant is expected to give a short talk (10 min) or a poster presentation about their current research. Apart from these talks, there will be two interesting lectures by invited speakers on non-research topics. Furthermore, there will be a guest speaker who will share experience in working for a company after finishing PhD.


For future collaboration the participants will receive a pdf version of a facebook (it does not have anything to do with the popular social network). The booklet will contain photos, contact details and a short decription of the research field of each participant. The information will be requested during registration.


The registration form is available here. Please keep in mind that we have a limited amount of spots available, so don't wait too long with registering. The deadline is the 6th of April.

Contact information

For questions you can reach us by email:

Organising committee


The NDNS+ cluster kindly provided us with financial support.