Obstructions to local-global principles

This is the webpage for the seminar on obstructions to local-global principles that I am co-organizing with Julian Lyczak and Rosa Winter.

The seminar starts on 15 February 2017. Most of the lectures will be held in room 405 on the first floor of the Snellius building. There are two exceptions: February 22 and March 1, when the seminar will be held in room B03 on the ground floor of the same building. Barring incidental complications, the seminar will be held from 3 pm to 5 pm.


The following schedule gives a rough overview of the topics that will be treated together with some indication of the speed. It is subject to change and throughout the seminar will remain so. We plan on keeping explicit examples close at hand.

date location speaker topic
15 Feb 2017 405 Rosa Winter Introduction to local-global principles: the Hasse principle and weak approximation (notes)
22 Feb 2017 (at 1 pm!) B03 Erik Visse Brauer groups of fields (notes)
01 Mar 2017 B03 Wessel Bindt Brauer groups of local rings, Brauer groups of schemes (notes)
08 Mar 2017 405 Julian Lyczak Special seminar about spectral sequences (notes part 1 and part 2, and handout)
15 Mar 2017 405 Richard Griffon Brauer–Manin obstruction, algebraic and transcendental Brauer groups (notes)
22 Mar 2017 405 Julian Lyczak Local-global principles for del Pezzo surfaces
29 Mar 2017 405 Martin Bright Explicit calculations of Brauer groups and the Brauer–Manin obstructions
05 Apr 2017 405 Erik Visse Further obstructions to local-global principles (notes)
12 Apr 2017 no lecture - -
19 Apr 2017 405 Wouter Zomervrucht Hasse principle for plane cubics (notes)
26 Apr 2017 405 Damaris Schindler Brauer–Manin obstruction to integral points

Some references