Seminar on K3 surfaces and their automorphisms

This is the webpage for the seminar on K3 surfaces that I am co-organizing with Dino Festi.

The last meeting will be on Tuesday April 28 at 11am in room 407.

Schedule autumn

date speaker topic
24 Sep 2014 Erik Visse Examples of K3 surfaces and an introduction to Hodge decomposition (notes)
1 Oct 2014 Dino Festi The Picard group, intersection numbers, the Néron-Severi group and the Hodge index theorem (notes)
8 Oct 2014 Giulio Orecchia The ample and nef cones (notes)
15 Oct 2014 no seminar -
22 Oct 2014 Maxim Mornev A Sketch of Hodge Theory (notes)
29 Oct 2014 Erik Visse Further results on the ample and nef cones (notes)
5 Nov 2014 Wouter Zomervrucht The Torelli theorem (notes)
12 Nov 2014 Dino Festi Computing the automorphism group: a concrete example (notes)
19 Nov 2014 Dino Fest Continuation of last week's lecture
26 Nov 2014 no seminar -
3 Dec 2014 Erik Visse Finiteness results on automorphism groups of K3 surfaces (notes)

Schedule spring

date speaker topic
15 Jan 2015 Dino Festi Last continuation of lecture of 12 and 19 November
22 Jan 2015 Erik Visse Hodge isometries of \(T(X)\) in odd rank and an example in rank 3 (notes)
29 Jan 2015 Erik Visse An example by Baragar in rank 4 (notes)
5 Feb 2015 Dino Festi An algorithm to compute automorphism groups of K3 surfaces (notes)
12 Feb 2015 Dino Festi Continuation of last week's lecture
19 Feb 2015 Dino Festi Continuation of last week's lecture
26 Feb 2015 Carlo Pagano Reflection groups
5 Mar 2015 no seminar -
12 Mar 2015 no seminar -
19 Mar 2015 no seminar -
26 Mar 2015 Erik Visse Elliptic surfaces (notes)
2 Apr 2015 Dino Festi Elliptic K3 surfaces (notes)
28 April 2015 Carlo Pagano Bogomolov--Tschinkel: Potential density of rational points

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