Guidelines for Audience and Speakers

Good communication in a seminar is an art that requires an effort to improve.

To improve in it, we decided to hold an open discussion about the ideal Listener and the ideal Speaker. If you too are interested in the subject, please check the following links out. If at any moment you feel like you have something to add, let us know via email. We will be happy to hear from you on how to improve the quality of our seminars.

Guidelines for Audience Guidelines for Speakers

Mathematics text show us how mathematicians write mathematics

but lectures show us how mathematicians do mathematics.

In Praise of Lectures

(T. W. Korner)

I have often thought that the technology of the TV game-show should be adapted to the lecture theater. Each seat would have a concealed button which the auditors could press when they wanted the lecturer to slow down. The `votes' could be added and the result shown on a dial visible only to the lecturer who would then be in the position of a motorist trying to keep to the speed limit.