Néron models seminar 2017

This is the web page for the Néron models seminar run by Garnet Akeyr. Here you can find the list of topics, speakers, notes, and links to the video recordings.


Following an in-depth look at the Picard functor and its relation to Néron models we will look at some contemporary results. .
This seminar is held weekly on Thursday from 13:00-14:30 in room 408 of the Snellius.


Week #Room #SpeakerSubjectNotes
1408Garnet AkeyrNéron models: An introduction, and Serre-TateNotes
2408Bas EdixhovenThe Hilbert functor and its representabilityNotes
3408Wessel BindtThe Picard functor and its representability in certain cases--
5408Peter BruinPic in the case of degenerating families of curves over a DVRNotes
6408Raymond van BommelModels of curves (regular, minimal, semistable, etc.)Notes
7408Erik VisseConcrete description of the special fibre of the Neron model of JacobiansNotes
8408--Semistable reduction theorem for abelian varieties and the Grothendieck monodromy theorem--
9408Giulio OrecchiaRecent results on Néron lft models--


The recommended books for following these topics are Néron models by Bosch, Lutkebohmert, and Raynaud, as well as FGA explained by Fantechi et al..


Missed a lecture? You can follow the lectures on youtube here