Logarithmic Geometry seminar 2017

This is the web page for the logarithmic geometry seminar run by David Holmes and Garnet Akeyr.


Logarithmic geometry is an area of mathematics that adds additional "log structure" to schemes that is useful in the study of semistable varieties. The aim of the seminar is to understand basic definitions and examples, and to understand at least the statement of the main theorem of [F. Kato, Log smooth deformations and moduli of log smooth curves], realising the Deligne-Mumford stack of stable curves as a stack of log smooth curves. .
The first seminar will be held on February 15th from 10:00-12:00. Subsequent seminars will be held in room 408. Please contact Garnet to be added to the mailing list.


Week #Room #SpeakerSubjectNotes
1405Garnet AkeyrLogarithmic Geometry and Sheaves of MonoidsNotes
2408Garnet Akeyr, David HolmesLogarithmic Structures, Toric VarietiesNotes
3408David HolmesToric Varieties cont., MorphismsNotes
5408Gabriel ZalamanskyLogarithmic Smoothness--
6408Gabriel ZalamanskyLogarithmic Smoothness cont.--
7408Garnet AkeyrKato's paper on Log Smooth Deformation TheoryNotes by David Holmes on log stacks
8408Garnet Akeyr, David HolmesKato's paper cont., ValuativizationsNotes
9408David HolmesValuativizationsNotes


We will be following Arthur Ogus' book on logarithmic geometry, available in preprint on his website here. Please contact him for the password to access the notes.