About my name

My surname is van Dobben de Bruyn (not van Dobben or de Bruyn). This is a Dutch name, so the middlefix van is neither capitalised nor alphabetised. Thus my name should be sorted as

Dobben de Bruyn, Remy van.
(Stricly speaking, Van should be upper case when it is not preceded by first name or initial. I do not currently follow this practice.)


BibTeX reads names as

{First} {Von} {Last} {Junior}.

It interprets {van Dobben de Bruyn, Remy} as

{Remy} {van Dobben de} {Bruyn} {}.

To fix this, write {van Dobben {de} Bruyn, Remy} in BibTeX, which is parsed correctly as

{Remy} {van} {Dobben de Bruyn} {}.

If your citation style uses Last instead of Von for sorting, this means I will appear in the correct place.


My name also broke the arXiv. Because of the two middlefixes van and de, the arXiv parses my name inconsistently. As a result, clicking my name from any of my papers gives no results.

(I sent a note to the arXiv administrators, but this is obviously not a major priority for their very small team.)

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