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Stefan Franssen

I am a PhD Student supervised by Aad van der Vaart and Botond Szabo. I work in Bayesian nonparametric statistics, specifically in uncertainty quantification. However my interest is much broader than that, and I might take some side projects. Before my PhD, I did my bachelors and masters studies at Utrecht University and wrote my master thesis under the supervision of Aad van der Vaart.

My current projects:

  1. A Bernstein-Von Mises theorem for the Pitman-Yor process.
  2. Studying consistency, contraction rates and uncertainty quantification with a general class of proper species sampling priors, dubbed stick-breaking process priors, which have independent and identically distributed relative stick-breaking weights.
  3. General theory regarding structural and incidental parameters in a Bayesian model. For example the Neyman-Scott problem.


Research interests:


Address Niels Bohrweg 1 2333 CA Leiden