Working from home

Due to COVID19 outbreak, the university has requested that we work at home - and realistically, this may last for quite a while. On this page I will put skype contact details, etc etc.


I have `normal skype', my username is [myfirstname]h175

The university also has `Skype for business' where you can reach me at my university email address - but I don't know how widely this is accessible.

I will aim to be on skype (both forms, for now) from something like 9am to 5pm - this is an experiment, we will see how it goes. I suggest that you view this as `me sitting in my office with the door open', and bother me (or not) accordingly. FOr non-time-sensitive things email is the preferred option

Study advisor

I will aim to set up some recurring bookable meeting slots for students. We'll see how this goes. For now, use email or skype as above.


Maybe it would be nice to try to keep having lunch together, over skype or something? WIll try to work something out...