About me

I started my PhD research in October 2012 at the University of Leiden and the Technical University of Delft. My supervisors are Vivi Rottschäfer and Henk Schuttelaars . The title of my PhD project is 'Stability of Morphodynamic Equilibria in Tidal Basins'.

Fascinating bottom patterns are observed in the tidal basins of, for example, the Wadden Sea along the Dutch, German and Danish coast. These patterns consist of branching channel-shoal patterns, that often exhibit cyclic behavior. For a better understanding of these phenomena, a morphodynamic model is constructed. This model consists of the shallow water equations, a suspended sediment transport equation and a bed evolution equation. The goal is to find morphodynamic equilibria and their stability, and to investigate their sensitivity to parameter variations. Furthermore, we aim at understanding the physical mechanisms resulting in these equilibria.