Supplementary material to:

Problem Solving Environments for Biological Morphogenesis
Submitted to Computing in Science and Engineering, 2004

Roeland M.H. Merks1,*, Alfons G. Hoekstra1, Jaap A. Kaandorp1, Peter M.A. Sloot1 and Paulien Hogeweg2

1University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Science, Section Computational Science
Kruislaan 403, 1098 SJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2Bioinformatics Group, Utrecht University, Padualaan 8, 3584 CH Utrecht, The Netherlands

VRML files

The VRML files can be viewed using any VRML97 or VRML2.0 client. They have been tested with the Cortona VRML client for Windows and Macintosh and with the VRML view client for Linux, Irix and Windows NT/95. Other VRML clients can be found at the web3D repository.

MPEG growth movies

The MPEG movies can be viewed with any MPEG movie viewer, such as the freely downloadable QuickTime or RealPlayer. For Unix and Linux there are many good MPEG players around. For example, we like to use the following MPEG player for Unix.

Fig. 2

VRML models (three dimensional images): click image to download

Fig 2a (VRML) Fig. 2b (VRML) Fig. 2c (VRML) Fig. 2d (VRML) Fig. 2e (VRML) Fig. 2f (VRML)

MPEG growth movies (rotating viewpoint): click image to download

Fig 2a (MPEG movie, rotating viewpoint) Fig. 2b (MPEG movie, rotating viewpoint) Fig. 2c (MPEG movie, rotating viewpoint) Fig. 2d (MPEG movie, rotating viewpoint)

MPEG growth movies (fixed viewpoint): click image to download

Fig 2a (MPEG movie, fixed viewpoint) Fig. 2b (MPEG movie, fixed viewpoint) Fig. 2c (MPEG movie, fixed viewpoint) Fig. 2d (MPEG movie, fixed viewpoint)

Supplement to Figure 5: Critter movie

Development of a ``critter''. Colors identify cell types. Critter development movie. [AVI high quality (5MB)] [(AVI low quality (700KB)]

*Present address: Biocomplexity Institute, Indiana University, Dept. Physics, Swain Hall West 117, 727 E3rd Street, Bloomington , IN 47405-7105, USA
Roeland Merks
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