D-Modules, summer 2016


Time Monday, 10:15–11:45
April 18 until July 18
Location FU Berlin, A3/SR210
Organizers Elena Lavanda
Wouter Zomervrucht

Here is the program.

The topic of this seminar is D-modules. These can be seen as the algebraic version of partial differential equations. There is a striking dichotomy between the characteristic 0 and the characteristic p settings. In complex geometry, the Riemann–Hilbert correspondence is a dictionary between D-modules and local systems, or representations of the fundamental group. In particular, all D-modules on a proper smooth complex variety X are trivial if the fundamental group of X is trivial. We will prove and explain these statements. Then, still in characteristic 0, we make a little detour into derived categories and study some functoriality for D-modules, as well as the Gauss–Manin connection. At the end of the seminar we move to characteristic p. An analogue of the Riemann–Hilbert correspondence was conjectured by Gieseker and recently proven by Esnault and Mehta. That proof is far beyond our scope. Instead we will study various examples of the phenomenon.


The first talk will be on Friday, April 22, at 10:15–11:45, in room A3/SR210 as usual.

April 22 Wouter Zomervrucht Introduction (notes).
April 25 Marco d'Addezio The sheaf of differential operators (notes).
May 2 Yun Hao D-modules and connections (notes).
May 9 Marcin Lara The tannakian category of D-modules (notes).
May 16 —no seminar—
May 23 Pedro Ángel Castillejo The Riemann–Hilbert correspondence (notes).
May 30 Fei Ren Representations of the fundamental group (notes).
June 6* Mara Ungureanu The derived category of D-modules (notes).
June 13 Elena Lavanda Functoriality of D-modules.
June 20 —no seminar—
June 27 Efstathia Katsigianni The Gauss–Manin connection (notes).
July 4 Wouter Zomervrucht F-divided bundles (notes).
July 11 Yun Hao The Gieseker conjecture.
July 18 Tanya Kaushal Srivastava D-modules on K3 surfaces and unirational varieties.

*On June 6 we start at 10:00 sharp!


Here is the list of references.