Rational Points on Schiermonnikoog

2–6 July 2018


The conference will begin on Monday morning and end after lunch on Friday. Click on the title of a talk to see the abstract.

9:15–10:15Jörg Brüdern Another view of Artin’s conjecture
10:15–10:45Coffee and discussion
10:45–11:15Efthymios Sofos The location of the primes obstructing the existence of a rational point
11:30–12:30Tim Browning Free rational curves on hypersurfaces and the circle method
12:30–14:30Lunch and discussion
14:30–15:30Tony Várilly-Alvarado Cubic fourfolds and odd-torsion Brauer–Manin obstructions on general K3 surfaces
15:30–16:15Coffee and discussion
16:15–16:45Francesca Balestrieri Arithmetic of rational points and zero-cycles on products of Kummer varieties and K3 surfaces
17:00–17:30Julian Lyczak Brauer–Manin obstructions of order 5 on log K3 surfaces
17:30–Dinner and free time
9:00–10:00Roger Heath-Brown Counting rational points on lines and conics
10:00–10:30Coffee and discussion
10:30–11:30Daniel Loughran Rational points on fibrations I
11:30–12:30Lilian Matthiesen Rational points on fibrations II
12:30–14:30Lunch and discussion
14:30–15:30Trevor Wooley Counting generic rational points on varieties
15:30–16:15Coffee and discussion
16:15–16:45Lasse Grimmelt Vinogradov’s Theorem with Fouvry Iwaniec primes
17:00–17:30Erik Visse-Martindale Serre’s problem for conic bundles over low degree hypersurfaces
17:30–Dinner and free time
9:00–10:00Jennifer Park Cycles in supersingular l-isogeny graphs and corresponding endomorphisms
10:00–10:30Coffee and discussion
10:30–11:30Jordan Ellenberg Counting points, counting fields, and heights on stacks I
11:30–12:30David Zureick-Brown Counting points, counting fields, and heights on stacks II
12:30–Lunch and free afternoon
9:00–10:00Ulrich Derenthal O-minimality and Cox rings over number fields for Manin’s conjecture
10:00–10:30Coffee and discussion
10:30–11:00Diego Izquierdo Vanishing theorems and Brauer–Hasse–Noether exact sequence for higher-dimensional fields
11:15–12:15Marta Pieropan Rational points over C1 fields of characteristic 0
12:15–14:30Lunch and discussion
14:30–15:30Sho Tanimoto Geometric consistency of Manin’s Conjecture
15:30–16:15Coffee and discussion
16:15–16:45Jackson Morrow Irrational points on random hyperelliptic curves
17:00–17:30Marc Paul Noordman Lower bounds for gonality using bad reduction
17:30–17:45Conference photo (on the hill behind the Dorpshuis)
17:45–Dinner and free time
9:00–10:00Brendan Creutz There are no transcendental Brauer–Manin obstructions on abelian varieties
10:00–10:30Coffee and discussion
10:30–11:30Alexei Skorobogatov Brauer groups of diagonal quartic surfaces over Q
11:30–Lunch and free afternoon

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