KO   Tuesday July 9 - 19:00

Poster Session

Claudio Arancibia-Ibarra - Spatial patterns in a diffusive modified Holling-Tanner predator-prey model [Abstract]

Swaroop Nandan Bora - Wave interaction with a semi-porous cylindrical storage tank [Abstract]

Gaëlle Brunet - Computation of Killing vector fields on compact manifolds [Abstract]

Stephen Coombes - Understanding sensory induced hallucinations: from neural fields to amplitude equations [Abstract]

Nelida Črnjarić-Žic - Data-driven predictions of dynamical systems in healthcare [Abstract]

Jaydev Dabas - Novel mesh free scheme for solving the inverse problem of heat conduction [Abstract]

Veronica Danesi - On the continuation of degenerate periodic orbits in nearly integrable Hamiltonian systems: normal form approach and possible applications [Abstract]

Ivan Dražić - 1-D flow of a $p$-th power viscous micropolar and heat-conducting fluid [Abstract]

Dominik Engl - An analytical discussion of polycrystalline structures in single-slip crystal plasticity [Abstract]

Timothy Faver - Singular perturbations and nanopteron traveling waves in nonlinear lattices [Abstract]

Valery Gaiko - Limit cycle bifurcations in multi-parameter polynomial dynamical systems [Abstract]

Rajib Haloi - Weighted norm inequality for maximal function [Abstract]

Christian Hamster - Noisy Patterns [Abstract]

Bastian Hilder - Stability of fast fronts in a Ginzburg-Landau equation with additional conservation law [Abstract]

Daniel Hill - Localised radial spots on the free surface of a ferrofluid [Abstract]

Victor Hissink Muller - A biofilm growth model - A two-fold degenerate reaction-diffusion system [Abstract]

Stefanie Hittmeyer - Existence of Blenders in a Hénon-Like Family: Geometric Insights from Invariant Manifold Computations [Abstract]

Sachiko Ishida - Boundedness, asymptotic behaviour vs. finite-time blow-up for quasilinear Keller-Segel model [Abstract]

Olfa Jaibi - Mathematical Tales of Fairy Circles [Abstract]

Mia Jukic - Dynamics on Planar Lattices [Abstract]

Young-Ho Kim - An Existence of the solution to neutral stochastic functional differential equations [Abstract]

David Kok - Stability and bifurcations of homoclinic stripe patterns near a saddle-node bifurcation [Abstract]

Sergey Kornev - On some versions of the coincidence degree theory [Abstract]

Chiharu Kosugi - Mathematical model for rotational motion of shape memory alloy ring partially within hot water [Abstract]

Sanjeev Kumar - A novel chaos based approach in conjunction with Pairing Function for Image Encryption [Abstract]

Matthias Lienert - Multi-time wave equations [Abstract]

Hueili Lin - Existence of solutions for the perturbed fourth-order Kirchhoff type elliptic equations [Abstract]

Alun Lloyd - After the Honeymoon, the Divorce: Unexpected Outcomes of Disease Control Measures [Abstract]

Emil Loevbak - An asymptotic preserving multilevel Monte Carlo method for particle based simulation of kinetic equations [Abstract]

Zhouqian Miao - Oscillations in a cAMP signaling model for cell aggregation -- a geometric analysis [Abstract]

Viktor Moskvin - Topology of saddle atoms-bifurcations for the billiards in non-convex domains [Abstract]

Wojciech Mydlarczyk - Nonuniqueness of solution for a sytem of nonlinear Volterra type integral equations [Abstract]

Hiroaki Niikuni - On the eigenvalues in the spectral bands for carbon nanotubes with impurities [Abstract]

Isamu Ohnishi - Hysterical Bifurcation Structure of modified Asakura-Honda model and its application to Circadian Rhythm and Biological Nitrogen fixation in a cell of Cyanobacteria [Abstract]

Zdeněk Opluštil - Oscillation and non-oscillation criteria for certain two-dimensional system of non-linear ordinary differential equations [Abstract]

Artur Prugger - Stability and Nonlinear Waves in Damped Driven Rotating Shallow Water Models [Abstract]

Giulio Romani - Unexpected behaviour of fundamental solutions of general higher-order elliptic operators [Abstract]

Benoit Sarels - Calcium in the egg is traveling, but is it a traveling wave? [Abstract]

Mustafa Sayli - Synchrony: From Franklin Bells to Brain Dynamics [Abstract]

Tomoharu Suda - Characterization of Filippov’s definition of the sliding vector field [Abstract]

Haruyoshi Tanaka - Perturbed finite-state Markov systems with holes and Perron complements of Ruelle operators [Abstract]

Petr Tomasek - Stability region analysis of a linear delay system with two parameters [Abstract]

Dennis Ulbrich - Dynamics and topological entropy of 1D-Greenberg-Hastings cellular automata [Abstract]

Takeo Ushijima - On traveling wave solution for a diffusive simple epidemic model with a free boundary [Abstract]

Vladimir Vasilyev - On some discrete elliptic boundary value problems [Abstract]

Viktoria Vedyushkina - The foliation on the Lens space as Liouville foliation of the integrable billiards. [Abstract]

Konstantin Vorushilov - Jordan-Kronecker invariants of semidirect sums of semisimple Lie algebras with a commutative ideal [Abstract]

Jichen Yang - Turing instability and energy estimates for reaction-subdiffusion equations [Abstract]

Alexander Zlotnik - Analysis of a finite element method for measure-valued optimal control problems governed by the 1D wave equation [Abstract]