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In September 2020, I started as a PhD candidate at the Mathematical Institute at Leiden University.
My supervisor is dr. Jan Vonk and I primarily study number theory.
In particular, my research concerns p-adic CM-theory using theta functions, Shimura curves,
Galois deformations, p-adic modular forms, and generalisations of the work by Gross and Zagier
on the factorisations of differences between singular moduli.
My CV can be found here.

Snellius room 227a
Niels Bohrweg 1
2333 CA Leiden
Email: m.a.daas at the domain math.leidenuniv.nl







I have been a teaching assistant at both the University of Amsterdam and at Leiden University for bachelor and master level mathematics courses, which includes teaching exercise classes and grading hand-in assignments. I am also actively organising an IMC-training in Leiden, preparing students for this International Mathematics Competition for university students.


I enjoy coming up with mathematical problems; either recreationally, or as intended to be used for mathematics olympiads. As part of the editorial board (since 2019) of the Dutch mathematics magazine "Pythagoras" (info), I control the bi-monthly challenge problem section. My problems have been featured in all rounds of the Dutch Mathematics Olympiad (NWO) and on various bachelor-level and master-level exams, both oral and written. Finally, some of my proposals have been featured at the IMC (info), a large International Mathematics Competition for university students.